A Discord bot to provide randomly constructed Bardic Inspiration and Vicious Mockery quotes as well as keep track of your party's loot.


Meet Thoven the Bard. Thoven can add some flavor to your Discord-based D&D session by reciting spontaneously crafted Vicious Mockery and Bardic Inspiration quotes when prompted. Sometimes funny, sometimes savage, Thoven's performances can help liven up your session or provide random vulgar insults as needed.

He is also a capable banker and can keep track of your party's Platinum, Gold, Silver and Copper. He can provide a Gold-value and weight of the entire bag and help split the loot with your party.

This Discord-verified bot is currently active on 135 servers.

Bardic Inspiration

Thoven will take pieces of over 500 inspirational quotes to create a custom, on-the-fly Bardic Inspiration to assist your party. Often non-sensical, rarely inspiring, this isn't Thoven's forte.


"Never regret a day in your shoes. You can do until you try."

"If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to do. Win the whole staircase, just take a mead break."

Vicious Mockery

Using dozens of formats and several hundred words, Thoven can spit out insults, abuse, name-calling, and all sorts of rude mud-slinging.


"You dopey truculent ruffian."

"You're the deficient child of a fat dragon."

"You look like a baby crossed with a pea-brained clown, you brainless thief."

Note: Vulgar and obscene language is possible, especially in the Vicious Mockery. Intended for adults.

Loot Management

Let Thoven keep track of your discord server's coin total with a separate loot bag for each text channel. He'll make sure your party splits the pot fairly and doesn't leave a coin unaccounted. 


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Privacy Policy

I'm no lawyer, but the Thoven discord bot doesn't have access or interest in tracking any discord users. No data is shared with anyone.

Terms of Service

Add the bot, remove the bot, try not to break it.


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